Here, we will tell you about the different types of participants in WIF. As members are not limited to being one type of participant, you can pick the ones that most suit you.


The committee is the staff of WIF. Their main responsibility is to support the leaders, performers and booth members, but they are also responsible for planning of events, festival-day management, public relations and so on. Members are expected to take part in weekly meetings for job management.

Note: Due to the situation, committee work requires at least a middle-level command of Japanese (Level 3 onwards).

Performance Leaders

If you are capable of a cultural art, why don't you do your country proud by teaching and showing it to the rest of the Waseda University community?

Leaders are the members would lead a performance team. They are the ones who will teach the performers of their team their dance, or their art. They are responsible for everything to do with the team's performance: practice places and schedules, performance flow, member contacts etc.

Although leaders are expected to have some skill in their art, what matters most is the drive to teach and show it. Leaders, will be supported by members of the WIF staff, who would help contact members, look for practice places and find proper costumes for the performance. Staff members who speak both English and Japanese (and sometimes other languages) would be added to the performance team when needed to help get over the language barrier.


Have you ever wanted to try something new and different? Do wish to learn cultural dances? Or do you simply wish to get to know more people, both local and international? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then performers are for you!

Performers are the ones who will learn a performance from the leader, and then perform it on stage. The only thing that we ask is to take part in team practise sessions regularly.

For those who do not know which performance to take part in, you can try any performance team before April. Also, performers are not limited to one team, so if more than on performance catches your attention, you're welcome to try them all!

Booth Members

No matter where you are from, it is only natural that you feel a sense of pride nad love for your country. Why don't you share that love and pride with Waseda through our information Booths!

The WIF booth team can help you introduce the country and culture you are from. The booth is basically like informational exhibitions telling people of the cultures and mannerisms of your country. To help with it, at the very least one staff member will provide support. The only thing we ask is to participate in the preparation sessions and making posters. And on the process of making our booth, you can get to know the other people, both local and international, whom you have never even met before! Although you would still say "any language barriers?", staff member who can speak both English and Japanese(and sometimes other language) can resolve the problem. On June, we will exhibit the poster and everything for Waseda International Festival.

So if you are now feeling like to show everyone your culture, why don't you join us and have a fun throughout the exciting multi-cultural communication!

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