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Soran Bushi

Soran Bushi in Waseda-sai 07 Soran Bushi is a semi-traditional dance based on the movements of fishermen of Hokkaido. The dance one of the most well-known dances in Japan, and everyone in Waseda would have seen it at least once. This powerful dance emphasizes using all of your energy to dance and shout, and thus would also make good exercise.

The modern Soran dance was created by a teacher who wanted to unify the spirit of his students, by having them dance and let loose their passion together on the same stage, so you will definitely become close with your teammates!

Leader: Gocchi

A member of one of the two top Yosakoi circles in Waseda, "Tokyo Hanabi". She has two years of experience in doing the Yosakoi genre of dance.

Sub-leader: Shogo


LEADER: Gocchi (Japan)
3rd year Assistant: Shogo (Japan)
SILS 2nd Year


Siam Narttasin

Thailand is a country full of culture and ancient traditions. Its long history spawned many beautiful dances, each with its own way to express Thai Culture. Among these, "Khon" is the most sylized. Sometimes unfairly summarized as Thai Kabuki, performers of Khon don't speak, and their faces are covered with masks, so only through body movement can the dancers express themselves. The entire dance is based on tradition rather than innovation, including costumes and choreography. Another dance native to residents of northern Thailand is Fawn Leb, or the Dance of the Nails. Here, good posture, graceful movements and a "Thai smile" will be combined with beautiful outfits to create a unique dance.

Depending on the members, either Khon or Fawn Leb will be done. Specifically, if there are enough male members, Khon will be done, otherwise Fawn Leb will be performed.

Leader: Film

Real name Tinnawat Nuangjumnong! He was born and raised in Thailand, where he practised many tradtional arts, including Khon and Muay Thai. He wishes to show Waseda the love he has for Thai culture!

Sub-leader: Romi


LEADER: Film (Thai)
SILS 2nd Year Assistant: Romi (Gifu, Japan)
Sch of Sports Sc 3rd Year



Yuppon posing with the Han-sam Every year, WIF has a "Korean Team", which performs popular dances not known outside Korea. This year, a more traditional dance, called Talchum ("Mask Dance") will be performed. Along with the mask, performers will also use long white sleeves, called "Han-sam", to create a simple, yet very unique, dance.

Tal-Chum is a very simple dance, so if anyone can join, even if you are not very confident in your dancing skills. Dancers have fun while dancing, so its perfect if you have a busy schedule and need to relax!

Leader: Da-Hae

Da Hae is a huge fan of Korean Culture, especially Talchum. She wants everyone to know and experience this unique dance!

Sub-leader: Misaki


LEADER: Da Hae (Seoul, Korea)
SILS 2nd Year Assistant: Misaki (Saitama, Japan)
Edu. 2nd Year Manager: Yuri (Seoul, Korea)
SILS 2nd Year



Have you ever watched the end scene of Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi? The part where the civilians dance a tap number using wooden slippers (Geta)? That's what the Ge-tap team is all about.

Ge-tap combines Japanese traditional dance and music with modern tap and stomp dancing to create a unique and explosive style only found in Japan!

Leader: Shimoji

Shimoji is a member of the Ge-tap student circle, and has 2 years of experience in performing. She performed on the biggest stage in last year's Waseda-Sai with her club. During practise, she will be assisted by members of the Ge-tap circle, so that they can bring out the best in each member!

Sub-leader: Yoyo


LEADER:Shimoji (Japan)
Human Sc. 3rd Year Manager: Yoyo (Taipei, Taiwan)
SILS 2nd Year


Ceilidh Dance

This is a dance performed in parties in Scotland. Dancers would know the dance and dance together the number when the music is played. Unlike most social dances, a Ceilidh Dance encourages you to have fun with many people, not just one partner.

Usually, the joy of a Ceilidh is in the participants, and not the viewers. However, the number we'll perform will be fun to see, and even more fun to do!

Leader: Joel

Joel is a graduate of Edinburgh University. He curently works in Japan, but he has brought his love of Ceilidh with him. He was involved in several events last year teaching the dance, including WIF and the ICC "Scottish Festa" Event.

Sub-leader: Yukke


LEADER: Joel (Great Britain)
Square Enix Yukke (Japan)


Nepal Dance

Nepalese Dancing in pairs! Sometimes funny, sometimes pretty and sometimes exercizy(?)! Nepali dances has all the ingredients you can enjoy from dancing!

Leader: Alisha

"Call me ALU! Me, not so confident, chatter box, running into trouble often and a laxer. I don't know why but people say I'm strict? -_- ?

Sub-leader: Aoko


Fest Noz

This is a social dance that originated from the medieval ages. It gained attention when it was performed during Half-time of the World-Cup Finals in France 1998, where people along the sidelines also joined in with the dancing, together with the performers.

Leader: Florian

Sub-leader: Mio


Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi, although seen as an excersize, was developed thousands of years ago as a martial art. Unlike hard martial arts like karate, which teach practitioners to meet force with force, Tai Chi practitioners learn to redirect or swallow force. As a result, a true master of Tai Chi does not need strength, as they learn to use the enemy's force against them.

Although there are many styles of Tai Chi, we will teach you the Yang style, which is one of the most practiced styles. The '24 forms' will be taught, which is a simplified form of Tai Chi created to relieve stress for people in this fast-paced world. Tai-Chi may be difficult at first, but the benefits to your health, flexibility and balance far outweigh the difficulty.

Leader: Liu

Mr Liu has over 20 years of experience in Shaolin Kung Fu as well as 18 years of Tai Chi experience. He also coached Tai-Chi in his hometown in Duilian, China. Other than Chinese Martial Arts, Mr Liu also holds a black belt in Karate.

Sub-leader: Yeong-Ho

Mr Liu is a Graduate student, so he could not come to practise more than once a week. However, Azri, Tatsumi and Tomohiro, all students of Mr Liu, will help whenever they can.


LEADER: Liu (Duilian, China)
Graduate School of Law Manager: Yeong-Ho (Tokyo, Japan)
SILS 2nd Year Assistant: Azri (BSB, Brunei)
SILS 3rd Year Assistant: Tatsumi (Nara, Japan)
Sports 4th Year Assistant: Tomohiro (Tokyo, Japan)
Edu 2nd Year


Japan Buyo

Unlike the semi-traditional dances like Soran Bushi and Getap, this dance is an almost forgotten traditional art which is still popular in the towns of western Japan. The dance was created to go with the songs of coal miners, and is a must-have for festivals in that region.

Leader: Kana

Sub-leader: Yuka


LEADER: Yasunaga (Japan)
CIE Assistant: Yuka (Fukuoka, Japan)
Commerce 2nd Year


Bollywood Dance

Have you seen the films from India? You may remember their hot dances and songs. This performance is the dance which was performed in one of the most famous Indian films. Please enjoy their fascinating dance!

Leader: Sabina

Sub-leader: Sugimon


LEADER: Sabina (England)
Japan school  (Hyogo, Japan)
SILS 2nd Year


Hip Hop

The USA is known as a mixing pot of various cultures, but it has also created a new culture which now exists anywhere in the world: Hip hop. No matter where you go now, you'll find break-dancing, free-styling, spray-painting guys and gals. Although many people feel it is an extension of US culture, its so widespread now you have to agree it is a culture in its own.

Leader: Adam & Vance

Two guys who grew up in the hip hop culture of the US, these guys are gonna show everyone how its done!

Sub-leader: Natsu



Still in the making, this original dance will incorporate many cultures and dances found all around the world!

Leader: Asami

Sub-leader: sungmi


Fashion Show

A WIF mainstay, this fashion show will show everyone the diversity that exists within the world through her traditional clothing! So, if you're proud of either your country's traditional clothes or your own looks (or both), you can lend us either as we are currently looking for more clothes and models!


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