The Philosophy of WIF

WIF's motto is "One Mind, One Place, One Goal," where we get both local and international students of Waseda University together to create a 'festival'. With the festival being held in June at the Ono Azusa Memorial Hall, members practice performances together and are invited to outings, meetings and other activities, all under the banner of 'friendship'. Through this communicaton, we hope that not only will you meet people from differents countries, faculties and grades, we also hope that this would help people understand more about the different cultures that exist within Waseda University.

History of WIF

WIF has taken place yearly since 2006, and each festival has been a success in its own right. Both festivals, held at Ono Azusa Memorial Hall, have managed to attract a full house, an audience of 1000 each year. WIF itself consisted of 80 performers and 25 staff members in 2006, and 90 performers and 30 staff members in 2007.

There have been several genres of performances from different countries. More popular performances include the Soran dance of Japan, Tai Chi of China, and the music cultures of Japan and Korea. There has also been performances of Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art), Flamenco (Spanish dance), Nanta (Korean Musical). This huge variety of performances is representative of the different cultures that exist in Waseda University.

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